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Update August 04 - 2009 Pro's and Con's " Military's Fat Blasting Weight Loss Program " By Health Experts

Military Fat Blasting is designed by combatthefat with the aims to provide weight loss dieter the types of fat-burning strategies and program used in the military. If you want to know how to lose weight, while building lean muscle and getting into the best shape of your life. It is the program for you, since we must believe the billions of research dollars behind the U.S. military's most powerful fat-burning strategies used to keep its soldiers lean, healthy & strong! We provide you with information and opinion of fat blasting Pro and Con of health experts. Please consult with your doctor before applying and purchasing the program, if you think this is the right program for you.

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Fat Blasting and Muscle Building Workouts For Effective Fat Loss
By Oluseyi Sogaolu Platinum Quality Author

If you actually adopt a true fitness lifestyle, you will achieve the body you always wanted within a short while. To be successful in your weight-loss program therefore, you must see workouts as interesting, fun and above all, make fitness a priority.

There are so many fun training out there that will never get you bored with your workouts or to give up on that lean ripped body you've been looking for. Highlighted below are some of the non traditional training techniques that will make you burn that stubborn fat and build muscle fast.

# 1:
Staircase Workout: - This is the type of workout that could be done in any place that has stairs including stadium stairs, hotel stairs or your home stair. It is a great one if done with enough intensity. If done very well, it is capable of creating changes all over your entire body due to muscle building and fat burning hormonal responses and metabolism increase that you get by engaging the biggest muscle groups of your entire body.

# 2:
Ring Training: - This type of training uses portable gymnastic rings that you can take anywhere you go. All you need do is to throw the straps up over any high bar like a pull up bar, top of a power rack or even over a football field goal crossbar. Adjust the rings for exercises like ring dips, ring push ups and pull ups hanging leg raises, horizontal body rows, L-sits and many more. The ring allows your joints to move in a more natural pattern and help you prevent and recover from shoulder injuries.

# 3:
Mountain Biking: - This is a variable intensity exercise that works with bursts exertion, followed by recovery intervals. A good example of this exercise is mountain climbing, where you get the leg pumping exertion during the uphill climbs while getting the adrenaline rush of the downhill, acting as your recovery interval at the same time. It ensures super fun, high intensity, leg burning workout that will melt fat off your entire body and build awesome legs.

# 4:
Bodyweight Workout: - This exercise will make you get a high intensity workout done in 15-30 minutes without having to go to the gym, particularly on those days that time will not permit. You can alternate bodyweight squats, pushups variations, lunges and floor abs exercises continuously for 15-30 minutes. At this point you may decide to take a short rest to amp up the intensity. Incorporate more challenging exercises like handstand pushups and one-legged squats into your routine as you advance.

Sandbag Training: - this is an intense method that gets you huffing and pumping like crazy. Make your sandbags to train by filling various sized duffle bags with sand. Sand bag exercises can be done as squats, cleans, presses, lunges, shouldering, throws or heaves, carrying up hills and many more.

Indoor or Outdoor Rock Climbing: - This is a great workout for legs, arms, shoulders and the entire back. It challenges you physically and mentally.

Rope Climbing: - This is type of exercise that builds a powerful and ripped upper body like other exercises. A great way to incorporate rope climbing into intense workout is to do climb up and then lower yourself back down. Keep alternating the upper body exercises at intervals for an effective body workout.

Jumping Exercise: -
This is an exercise that will work your leg muscles out in an entirely different way. It is very powerful in nature and some examples of this exercise are squats jumps, box jumps, huge jump and broad jumps.

Kettlebell Training: - This type of training is alternative type of free weight training to barbells and dumbbells. It used for training core athletes, military personnel and other tough individuals. If you are looking to get stronger with lean muscle, this exercise is good for you.

Rope Skipping: - This is a very good warm up exercise for your weight training. You can make use of cheap speed ropes with a plastic instead of the fabric type. This is because you can jump faster easily with the plastic ropes than the fabric ones. Try the mixture of two legged jumps, one legged jumps, arm crossovers and double jumps to increase your intensity.

In conclusion, to lose body weight is not what you can achieve overnight. For this reason, maintain your weight loss training no matter the situation. Do not get bored or terminate your training prematurely with the same old weight. All you require is to have open mind to the huge world of various training styles and techniques and embrace those trainings that will never get you bored. Practice some of the exercises highlighted above for a positive change.

I am a proficient writer who is competent, enthusiastic, honest, achieved, extremely gifted, highly efficient and sincere. I will be giving you tips on how to lose abdominal fat easily and fast too. All truth you need to know about abs will be revealed to you. However, I believe you will find the above tips useful. There are still more to come. Meanwhile you can learn more by visiting for more information.

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Guaranteed To Banish Ugly Belly Fat Once & For All

And Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

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